Pride Parade canceled after violent attacks on LGTBQ activists.

Pride Parade in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi has been cancelled after violent attacks on LGTBQ activists* and journalists*. “The march will not take place today,” organizers* stated on Facebook. “We cannot risk human lives,” they said in justification. The streets were “full of violent attackers.”
Several hundred opponents of the demonstration for the rights of the LGBTQ community had already gathered in the morning near the capital’s parliament. In front of the parliament, the activists removed a flag of the European Union. As seen on TV footage, some of them engaged in violent clashes with police and attacked dozens of journalists. The organizers of the Pride Parade also said that their offices were attacked by “homophobes”.
Georgia is considered a very conservative country, and the Orthodox Church is extremely powerful in the Caucasus republic. Head of government Irakli Garibashvili also spoke out against the Pride Parade. He pointed to the danger of clashes because such demonstrations were “unacceptable to a large part of Georgian society.”
In a joint statement, U.S. and EU diplomatic missions also condemned the attacks and “the failure of government and religious officials to condemn this violence.” (Source:
I personally think that a new century will never begin in Georgia. There the time of the Middle Ages is frozen. The Georgian head of government said publicly last week that the Georgian goal was to integrate into the EU and apply for EU membership in 2024 – and now this human rights-denying, state-tolerated and state-sponsored vandalism. The EU should think whether we really need such vandals, whether these ultra-conservative, rather savage people are needed in our society! Georgia may have been Christian in earlier centuries, but today’s Orthodox Church, supported by the government, is inhuman and unchristian!
In Georgia transwomen and activists are daily discriminated and exposed to violent attacks! Neither police nor state nor public react! Nobody from the EU and its members gives any reaction, Georgia and its power elite are spared. Only when there are such massive and visible demonstrations, sometimes a very small interest comes to this country – But nobody really cares how terrible in Georgia is LGBT+ and human rights situation. This is sad. The EU finances the Georgian government through various projects but lets the Georgian government act against all principles of the EU! Here the question arises whether the EU and its members like Germany are not indirectly responsible for such acts of violence and human rights violations and demand human rights only on paper. Sad, sad. But it will never change like this!

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